Vincent Rubino

    Executive Producer

    In the past 5 years Sujit Agrawal has worked with me on several high profile network shows, between both NY and LA. Since our first show together, I will always seek him out and pray that he’s available. He is an excellent editor, storyteller and producer with an exceptional skill set and an exceptional work ethic. Not only does he get the job done well, he does it quickly and is always willing to jump in and make it better. 
    It’s a rare breed in this business that takes on a project and jumps in with both feet, makes great creative decisions and is completely additive to the creative process. On a personal level, you won’t find a more pleasant person to work with and that aspect, combined with all the other reasons stated above, makes him a highly valued contributor to any production fortunate enough to hire him.

    Jim Fraenkel

    Executive Vice President

    Sujit is a supremely talented editor who stands out as a star among the many I’ve worked with across decades in the industry. To this day, he remains among the first numbers I dial when I need an editor. I just wish there weren’t so many others who do the same! But as the kids might say, the streets is talkin’… and they’re saying Sujit’s name.

    Tim Fornara

    Executive Producer, Show Runner & Director

    Sujit is hands down the best editor I have ever worked with. He is creative, fast and has tremendous drive coupled with tremendous attention to detail. He’s also a really good person which is the most important thing!

    Manav Wadhwa

    Film Producer

    SUJIT is a talented and reliable professional. He is thoughtful, caring, and diligent. I highly recommend him – an asset on any team.

    Andrew Giacometti

    Supervising Producer

    Sujit is one of the most talented editors I have worked with over the course of my career. He brings a unique combination of technical knowledge, creativity and a positive attitude to every project I’ve worked with him on. I would strongly recommend him for any project you have and believe you’ll find him to be an invaluable asset to your team. 

    Lucrezia Wise

    Post Supervisor

    I first worked with Sujit on a season 1 gameshow he was hired to edit. Though he wasn’t originally hired as the lead editor, he quickly filled that spot and helped to craft the show into what it eventually became. It was then picked up for a second season, in part because of his good work. He is incredibly creative and collaborative, and he is also fast, which is something I appreciate as a schedule minded post supervisor.  I’m always happy to hire him for a project or recommend him to anyone who is looking.